Senior Exercise

"An elderly lady was telling her friend that she had recently joined an aerobics class for seniors at the local fitness [center]. 'How did it go?' asked the friend.

'Well, I bent, I twisted, I turned, I jumped up and down, and I perspired for half an hour, but by the time I'd finally got my leotard on, the class had ended.'"

Golden Years Humor
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Guinness and Sex

"Two elderly men walked into a bar. 'Why don't we have a Guinness?' suggested one. 'It's supposed to put lead in your pencil.' 

'I guess we could try,' said the other. 'Although, to be honest, I've got nobody to write to.'"

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"Two women friends met up for coffee one morning. One said: 'Be honest: Do you think my skin is starting to show its age?' 

'I can't tell,' said the other. 'There are too many wrinkles.'"

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Roses and Aging

"Two elderly women were in a beauty [parlor] getting their hair done when in walked a 21-year-old girl with a low-cut blouse that revealed the tattoo of a rose on one breast. One woman leaned over to the other and whispered: 'Poor thing. She doesn't know it, but in 50 years she'll have a long-stemmed rose in a hanging basket!'"

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